2018 Registration for Bräukline Club Membership

Dues are $30 per person, and cover the entire calendar year for 2018. That's only $2.50 per meeting, the cheapest night of beer you'll ever have!

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If you prefer to pay digitally, send payment to Ben Brown using any of the following methods (in order of preference):

(1) Venmo (@benjamin-allen-brown)
(2) Paypal (paypal.me/benjaminallenbrown)
(3) Google Wallet (benjamin.allen.brown@gmail.com)
(4) Square Cash (cash.me/$BenjaminBrown)

What Club Membership & Dues Include
1.    Official membership with the American Homebrewers Association.
2.    Club insurance to protect both Bräukline and our generous host Boston Homebrew Supply from any alcohol-related liability. 
3.    Continued support of the official Bräukline website and forum (this website!)
4.    Monthly meetings on the last Thursday of every month, with provided ice, snacks, and tasting glassware.
5.    A commitment to growing the club by planning exciting events, speakers, competitions, and more. 

1.    $30 of dues covers 12 months of club expenses- only $2.50 per meeting!
2.    Expenditures will always be transparent, and if there is a surplus of dues money, its usage will either be decided by a club vote or will be used to extend club meetings beyond the planned time frame without recollecting dues.
3.    First-timers and guests will always be encouraged and allowed. We hope to never turn anyone away from a meeting, but also hope that regular attendees will want to be an official member.