The Return of Chopped 2: Homebrew Club Edition

After having such a successful first 'Chopped'-style homebrew competition earlier this year, we're bringing it back! We will be selecting ingredients at our upcoming meeting on Thursday, August 31st. Read on for more information!

Competition Details

This is a competition based on the show 'Chopped' where you are assigned a random selection of ingredients to brew a beer. You may use any ingredients in addition your pre-assigned ones, and you can use as much or as little of the ingredients as you wish, but you will be judged on how well your beer highlights the ingredients  - through creativity, spirit, flavor, and quality.

Each group will be randomly-assigned the following ingredients:

  • Base Malt - This must constitute at least 50% of your grain bill
  • Specialty Grain
  • Two Hops

To reiterate, you may use any additional ingredients and brew your beer with any techniques. But your beer must attempt to highlight the ingredients, not shy away from them.

We will break competitors into groups to ensure a wide variety of beers. Below we will fill in a listing of each group, the assigned ingredients, and the competitors.

Competitors will present their beers to the Braukline meeting on Thursday, October 26, 2017 and the group will vote on their favorites.

If you are not yet on a team but want to participate, please email us at You will be assigned to the "absentee" group as listed below. The following are the current groups and competitors:

Group 1


  • Base Malt: Rye
  • Specialty Grain: Aromatic
  • Hop #1: UK Bromling Cross
  • Hop #2: Spalt


  • Sarah Stidham & Chris Gonzales
  • Jacob Simon
  • A.J. Driscoll
  • Kevin DelSignore
  • Andrew Dunbar

Group 2


  • Base Malt: Vienna
  • Specialty Grain: Flaked Corn
  • Hop #1: Crystal
  • Hop #2: Galena


  • Mike Zydowicz
  • Ryan Cusick
  • Zane Nichols
  • AJ Driscoll
  • Ben Brown

Group 3


  • Base Malt: Pilsner
  • Specialty Grain: Rauch (Smoked)
  • Hop #1: Summit
  • Hop #2: Sorachi Ace


  • Jeremy
  • Zeph
  • Eric
  • Josie
  • Tom

Group 4 - "Absentees"


  • Base Malt: Munich Dark
  • Specialty Grain: Chocolate Malt
  • Hop #1: Comet
  • Hop #2: Cryo Cascade


  • Tom Seckel
  • Brad Kowalczyk, Drew Zeccola, and Mark Rollfs
  • Joseph Marinelli
  • Jeff Roach